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Tropical Torte eLiquid - 132mL

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  • Tropical Torte Eliquid - 120 mL, from Vape Moar

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  1. A real niche vape...

    Posted by Robert Patterson on 7th Jun 2017

    The five stars are for a truly remarkable company. Congratulations to Jennifer, et al.!

    If you're wondering whether to order, do so with total confidence about a quality product, outstanding prices, and exceptional customer service.

    Now back to Tropical Torte. As silly as I realize this may seem, after c. six tanks, the creamy introduction was there, but the main central and deep flavor I can only try to describe as, don't laugh, "raisin - like". Clearly this is not what the blender was going for. That said, any further comments would surely prove worthless to the reader.

    If, like myself, you are on a limited budget, might I suggest some of the more mainstream juices. I've been absolutely thrilled with their Summer Sweetie, Berry Bomb, Fru Fruity, Cool Customer and Cool Green. Perhaps my pallet is insufficiently sophisticated to enjoy Tropical Torte, but I simply cannot figure out where the juice is trying to go.

    You, however, may find it to be a delicious all day vape. I'm totally clueless. Above all, remember, this is a stellar e- trailer. This juice; just not so much... :)

  2. VapeMoar makes me want to VapeLess.

    Posted by W. H. on 5th Jun 2017

    this review is totally subjective. my views are not nessisarily going to reflect how you will view this product because i have taste and texture issues from being high functioning autistic.

    straight out of the mail this is not vapeable for me, and i don't think that any of the flavors i've tried (berry bomb, tropical torte, spring fling, or baker's bean) i have not been able to vape without either Cringing, or Gaging.

    from a personal option area, i'm learning that i like sweet flavored vapes that have a smooth pallet of flavor. everything from vapemoar i've tried is not that.

    i will continue to try and steep their juices to see if they will eventually become useable, but the stigma from the first vape may have jaded how i feel about them.

  3. Not for me

    Posted by Michael on 12th Feb 2017

    I've liked most every flavor I have tried from VapeMoar this is just not for me. Can't really identify the taste profile that I don't like. It's got some flavor profile that just doesn't agree with my taste buds.

  4. Not for me...

    Posted by Jody Piercy on 8th Dec 2016

    I am not happy with this flavor, but let me say, that doesnt mean that you wont love it, everyone has different taste ! I will give it to our daughter because she loves fruity flavors!

  5. I tried.

    Posted by Kenya J Caldwell on 1st Dec 2016

    I love Vapemoar flavors and their mission. I wanted to love this; In the end, I gave it away to a guy I don't like. It's got some weird licorice twist that didn't steep out and wasn't positively affected by any meaningful hardware adjustments. I build SS coils and I've got a buncha kit. I tried this juice in a standard tank, an RTA and a dripper with coils from .15 to .6, from 40w to 160, and up the temperature range by 10° increments in TC mode. Bleh, bleh, spit, spit.... I don't even want the bottle back for mixing.

Showing reviews 1-5 of 34 | Next

Product Videos

Tropical Torte EJuice Review 05:08

Hints of citrus, cream and pastry, Tropical Torte nearly defies description. You have to vape this ejuice from Vape Moar to fully appreciate it. Order Tropical Torte from Vape Moar: http://www.vapemoar.com/big-bottles/tropical-torte-eliquid-120-ml/

  • Tropical Torte...
    Hints of citrus, cream and pastry, Tropical Torte nearly defie...

Product Description

A Subtle Blend of Exotic Flavors That's as Memorable as A Tropical Vacation

VG/PG Ratio: 72/28

Flavor Profile: Graham Cracker and Fruit Medley

Tropical Torte isn't a flavor that's easy to forget, but just try to describe it to someone! It's a delicate blend of creams and fruits with a touch of pastry that is truly one of a kind. While it's difficult to pick apart any one flavor, you'll notice subtle hints of bright citrus that balance out the sweetness of this unique eliquid. It's the sort of flavor that simply can't be described, it has to be vaped to be believed. Even after you've vaped it, you'll find it amazingly hard to put your finger on exactly what it tastes like, because, like all great flavors, it's subtly different at depending on your temperature, device, and personal vaping preferences. 

Our 132 mL bottles come with a twist off, childproof cap. If you don't have small bottles, or a syringe, we recommend picking up one of our Dripper's Caps for $1, you'll thank yourself, and us.

Tank to Drip Ratio

We recommend Tropical Torte primarily for tank vaping. While you can definitely drip it, the flavors tend to lose much of their subtlety with higher heats. To that end we don't recommend vaping Tropical Torte at temperatures higher than 550°F. In dripping atomizers, your best experience is likely to be larger coils that create high amounts of heat, but have longer cycle times, like those made with 24 and 26 guage Kanthal. We don't recommend vaping Tropical Torte over 50 Watts.