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Orders Shipping to Indiana

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Valued Customers in Indiana,

Bad news here. Indiana has passed a law restricting sales into the state to only permit-bearing manufactures. In part, this law stipulates that manufactures must hold a security contract an approved security company.

Approved security companies must also have an employee who holds all of the following: a rolling steel fire door technician certification, a locksmith certification, and an architectural hardware consultant certification. In addition, this employee must be working at the same security company for at least one year—which stops other security companies from hiring anyone in order to meet Indiana’s requirements. The only company to meet these requirements is Mulhaupt’s, based in Lafayette, Indiana.

We reached out to Mulhaupt's multiple times in order to attain a contract. We did not receive a response from Mulhaupt's.

Because we do not have the security contract, we are unable to get a permit for sale of bottled liquids into Indiana, at this time.

June 30th will mark the last day we are able to process orders shipping to Indiana that contain bottled eliquid.

We are considering a product available only in a sealed tank that resembles the picture attached to this post.  These products are SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive ($5-$7.50 EACH) than y'all are offered on our site.  If this product would interest you, please contact us at cs@vapemoar.com and let us know you would be interested!  If we see enough interest, we will start offering them!

Thanks for being a customer, and I'm sorry that the industry is dealing with this!

Please contact us with any feedback or ideas at cs@vapemoar.com.

VapeMoar prefilled and sealed tank

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