Orders Shipping to Indiana

Orders Shipping to Indiana

Posted by DB on 5th Jul 2016

ORDERS SHIPPING TO INDIANAValued Customers in Indiana,Bad news here. Indiana has passed a law restricting sales into the state to only permit-bearing manufactures. In part, this law stipulates that … read more

It's nice to be nice, and it's nice to be appreciated.

22nd Jun 2016

Sometimes you do someone a favor, and then they do you a favor, and you never know how much it's appreciated.  And then sometimes they let you know.  Customer service got this note from a cu … read more

What does F.D.A. Deeming mean for Vape Moar?

Posted by -VapeMoar Team on 12th May 2016

With F.D.A Deeming on the horizon, what's up with Vape Moar?We've gotten the question, and we just wanted to take a few lines to let you know that Vape Moar isn't going anywhere. When Vape Moar began … read more