What does F.D.A. Deeming mean for Vape Moar?

Posted by -VapeMoar Team on 12th May 2016

With F.D.A Deeming on the horizon, what's up with Vape Moar?

We've gotten the question, and we just wanted to take a few lines to let you know that Vape Moar isn't going anywhere. When Vape Moar began in 2015, speculation and discussion about what the final regulations would look like were all over. Not only did we build our product with the consumer and their wallet in mind, we thought ahead to what we'd need to do to be in line with future regulations. 

That means you can vape without worry. However things work out, we're prepared to make the necessary adjustments to keep ourselves within full regulatory compliance, meaning you'll still be able to get Vape Moar E-Liquid, there's no need to panic! 

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