Crucible Cream eLiquid Sampler - 18mL

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The Crucible is where heat works it's magic

A warm and sweet marriage of strawberries and cream that gives you more strawberry at lower temps, and heavier, thicker cream flavor at higher temps.

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    Let down

    Posted by Francisco Bermudez on 2nd Jun 2018

    Had really high hopes for this flavor. I love strawberry anything and the description made it sound so good. I'm vaping it on a ftv12 with an rba. To me, it just tastes like spoiled mild whenever I try it. Tried to get used to it, but it almost makes me gag after a while. There is a slight strawberry taste to it, but that bad milky flavor ruins it for me. Tried at multiple wattages and it's still bad for me. Good think I only bought a small bottle. Maybe the other strawberry milk flavor I got will be better.
    Hi Francisco,

    Sorry that Crucible Cream was not your thing. We invite you to contact customer service at 262-806-0300 or, and we will be happy to replace your bottle with something else.

    Thank you!


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    Posted by Jonah on 28th Aug 2017

    I have an extremely basic vape (Joyetech eGo AIO) so I can't quite get up to the temperature where the juice starts to taste creamy but wow this flavor is exactly like one of those foil-wrapped strawberry hard candies. It makes my mouth water :D

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    Get your taste buds ready

    Posted by Jason Goble on 20th Feb 2017

    Crucible Cream, what a name. The name kinda threw me. But hey, if that's what they think when "they" (whoever named it) vaped it, okay. Who am I to judge? I just know good juice when I taste it. And this one is GREAT. now ya see when I first started vaping, I was all about strawberry milk flavored vapes. If it wasnt milky and strawberrier I didn't want nothing to do with it. But I got burnt out on strawberry all together for a while. Took a break from it and decided to give it another whirl once more. I was not disappointed. There was so many ways VapeMoar coulda went with this flavor with the description they give, but I was pleasently surprized when it was exactly what they said and then some. Now personally, I like it in a tank with a medium to low wattage coil. But now your low and my low may be different. I chose to use this liquid in my uwell crown tank. First edition kind. With the .25 coil. And it was very good. I got very good clouds and thick and roburst flavor. Then I thought to my self, hey put it in an rda, so I tried my buddah, but I just don't care much for that rda, so i scrapped the build I had in it and put it away. (To much air flow.) I know sounds weird, but hey, I'm a flavor chaser not a cloud chaser. So I went back to my favorite rda which is the Velocity clone. I just think it put out the best flavor and decent clouds as well. But the flavor was amazing. Wow I get a sweet but almost tart strawberry flavor at 100 watts. But then I turned down the watts to 85. And that brought out a totally different note. Its kinda like a mixed up strawberry tart candy mixed with like a creamy taffy with maybe a lil bit of fruit rollup mixed within. Hey, it's just what I get out of it. And I'm sorry, yeah, I'm sorry I bought the 18ml bottle. So very sorry . Yeah I only wished I had gotten the big bottle. But I done this review in order to have my account credited with VapeMoar. Although I'd shout it from the moutain tops so to say that this flavor is AWESOME. I like flavors where I can get two or three even different flavors depending on how I decide to vape it. So yeah I recommend this. The strawberries will make you crazy.

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    Posted by William Jett on 22nd Jan 2017

    I had high hopes for this one, but it let me down pretty badly. It just didn't taste right. It wasn't horrible, but I can't say I'm really satisfied with it. I got more of a pop corny flavor than anything. Could just be because it needs to steep awhile, but I'm really not sold on it.