New: Updates on State and Government Vapor Taxes

Hey Wisconsin, Washington, and Ohio Vapers! We have a few updates for you.

Your states have enacted a vapor tax recently, and it is based on milliliters of eLiquid instead of a flat percent like most states’ taxes are.  Due to limitations with our ordering system, there is no easy way to calculate these taxes, so our Master of Numbers (aka, our CFO) worked diligently to come up with a percentage that will cover that excise tax.  As a result, you may notice an odd percentage of tax placed on your order, denoted as “Sales Tax + Vapor Tax.”

If you have any questions or concerns about the tax rate that you were charged, please feel free to call a member of our customer service team at 262-806-0300, and we will do our best to help provide clarification or double check the numbers.

Unfortunately, the state mandated taxes are out of our control, so if you would like to voice an objection to it, we encourage you to contact your local government officials.  #WeVapeWeVote