Vape Moar Review Reimbursement Program

Taking the time to do an honest, formal review shouldn't cost you money

We love it when people talk about us. We don't even mind a little light stalking. One thing that really gets our goat, though, is when dedicated vapers spend their own time and money to make beautiful reviews for their favorite e-juices, and they get seen by nobody. We might not be able to solve all those problems, but we think we might be able to fix a couple of them. 


Introducing the Vape Moar Reviewer Reimbursement Program




If you've reviewed our eliquid, we want to know about it. First and foremost, those reviews are our tasting counter. We don't have a brick and mortar store where people can sample us, they have to catch the word from their friends and connections. We think that's a valuable thing, and we want to make sure the people making that introduction on our behalf feel like it too. 

Our eliquid review program allows you to:

  • Get reimbursed for the price of a 15mL sampler for each flavor you review ($3)
  • Insure your review is noticed by the vendor, and has the chance to be seen and used
  • Be a part of the products you love and use in a meaningful way


Check out the terms below, and once you're done, you can come right back here, and give us a link to your review, and we'll credit your account the cost of one 15mL bottle ($3) that you can use toward your next order, whether you just want to replace the 15mL, or use it toward a 120mL bottle of a flavor of your choice. 


 Pre-terms items that are important for the purpose of endorsement legality:

Your review must include a link to this page or clearly note that you will be reimbursed for the sample you are reviewing. 

This is so your readers know you are being reimbursed for the review. We do not require positive reviews for reimbursement, we will, in fact, reimburse poor reviews of the product, because we're just asking for honesty. It's important that your connections and readers understand you will be reimbursed for your reviewed products. 

We cannot reimburse reviews that violate FTC advertising rules. We are bound by what you say, and that means that if we can't say it, we can't reimburse you to say it. This applies to everything, but is particularly important with respect to health or safety claims, of which we make none. 




When your eliquid review is complete, simply return here and complete the form below to claim your reimbursement!

In the meantime, why not find something to review?