Baker's Bean eLiquid Sampler - 18mL

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There's Nothing Plain About This Vanilla Vape

VG/PG Ratio: 60/40

Flavor Profile: Lightly Sweet Vanilla

It's always a wonder that people use the word vanilla to describe something simple and plain! Vanilla is a cornerstone flavor. It's used in everything from soft drinks and coffees to cakes and savory dishes. With Baker's Bean, we've focused on the truest Vanilla Bean flavor we could make. You can taste vanilla in a lot of things, but why not come to the source? Baker's bean offers a true and complex vanilla flavor without the overpowering oiliness of many vanilla vapes. If you're the type of vaper who loves creamy vanilla vapes, but don't want the cloying sweetness or other flavors to get in the way of your flavor experience, Baker's Bean is the true, pure experience of vanilla, in your vape. 


Tank to Drip Ratio

Baker's Bean is excellent to fairly high heat. We found that it vapes well up to 600°F, though tat higher heats the vanilla tends to lose much of it's "body" and the flavor can end up tasting a little more "cakey". At low heats (400-500°F), varied temperature brings out a variety of notes in the vanilla that are truly worth the experience of giving a try. It's like rediscovering a flavor all over again. 


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  • 4
    Not too sweet

    Posted by Melissa D Williams on 10th Nov 2017

    Very nice mellow vanilla flavor, does not have that flowery after taste that others have. I also use this flavor to mellow out the tobacco flavor. Would recommend.

  • 3
    Not good

    Posted by Shellee Kopke on 6th Oct 2017

    It has a funky flavor, I just don't like it. I've been looking for a good vanilla and this one is just not for me. I am being reimbursed by the manufacturer for this review. They do have fast shipping though.

  • 5
    Great flavor, additive and palette cleanser too

    Posted by That guy from electronics on 7th Sep 2017

    This is a very vibrant flavor. I needed something to cleanse my palette, oh GOD did it fill the bill In the baby beast from 50-65 was just glorious. That waft of air as you open the oven door. Kept it at 60, just because.

    In the TFV4, even priming the coil was delicious, 30-50 watts, bright, vibrant vanilla. From 60-70 watts, it's that warm cookie smell in a thick liquidy cloud. From 80-95, someone took that smell and added it to a pudding. At 100, it's vanilla cake, and at 105, they frosted it, then chucked it into a blender. After that, too hot, but still yummy.


  • 5
    Yummy Hint of Vanilla

    Posted by TF Franklin on 5th Sep 2017

    We weren't sure how this would vape. One word: Delicious. The hint of vanilla billows from a fresh baked goodie. We love that our purchases support American made products, American jobs, that are made with quality ingredients. Support Vape Moar and support American made.