Berry Bomb eLiquid Sampler - 18mL

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Berry Bomb is the perfect eliquid for those who love mouth watering, sweet berry flavors

VG/PG Ratio: 60/40

Flavor Profile: Sweet Blended Berries

If you're a fan of berry and fruit flavored eliquids that pack a kick sweet enough to get your mouth watering, Berry Bomb is the daily vape for you. The flavor is a mixture of summer berry and seed fruits that will leave you refreshed and wanting more. Berry Bomb leads with watermelon, and you'll know it from the start to the finish, but it's the berry mix that will make this a watermelon eliquid unlike any you've ever tried. 


Tank to Drip ratio

Berry Bomb is the perfect eliquid for Subohm tanks. While it performs great in smaller scale 1.0 ohm plus tanks like EVODs and the Aspire Nautilus, Berry Bomb is one of the few watermelon eliquids that maintains the integrity of the watermelon flavor when high heat is applied. In Dripping atomizers, we've tested Berry Bomb up to 60 Watts, and have had no burning or flavor alteration issues with it. 


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  • 5
    Berry bomb

    Posted by Bryan T. on 20th Jan 2019

    Love this Ejuice! Been vaping it for at least 2 maybe 3 years now and it’s one of my ADVs and it’s always crazy to think that having a price so cheap you could get such good juice for such good price! I constantly recommend them all the time!

  • 5
    Berry and Watermelon

    Posted by John Perry on 4th Sep 2018

    The best. Bought a big bottle of this one after trying it s couple of times in the sampler size. Fruity Berries, and watermelon. Sweet, a little candy like, almost a koolaide kind of vibe.

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    Yer a wizard, Harry...

    Posted by That guy from electronics on 3rd Sep 2017

    Plugged this into the baby beast and out the gate, wow! watermelon and undefinable berries at 40 watts
    45 watts, the watermelon dials back, and I get cherry and strawberry. At 47, Raspberry adds in, with a hint of blackberry(?!?). Rolled it to 50, and holy crap, there's blueberry too? And NOTHING is muddled. By the time I hit 60 watts, eh, cough syrup. It's yummy, but nothing to write home about. Gonna roll this around 51 watts, just cause.
    Added a splash of menthol, and dear god, this went from delicious to sublime!
    In the TFV4 at 40-50 watts, watermelon like a mutha with some undefinable berry flavor. At 55, the berry clears into cherry with another berry taste on the exhale, with a very strong watermelon on the inhale. At 60, I've got watermelon inhale, strawberry-cherry exhale. Very 65, I'm vaping red Nyquil. The heck?!? 58 watts seems to be the happy median point. Seriously, I have this tank to roll high and hard. Tastes great and chucks clouds regardless. Added a few drops of cool customer in there...WOAH. And everything brightens up.

    Again, not a fan of watermelon. The berries just make everything gel perfectly. What dark magic are you weaving on my taste buds?

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    Definitely Berries

    Posted by Frank Scherr on 14th Jun 2017

    Berry Bomb is a pleasant vape with a definite, but subtle hit of watermelon on the inhale with the berries coming thru nicely on the exhale. However, I didn't feel real excited about Berry Bomb... it just needed something else!?! That 'something else' for me was a touch of Menthol (or mint) to highlight the watermelon... I added 3 drops of menthol juice to my 3ml tank and THAT was it!! Superb!
    On my 2nd tank I added about 8 drops of a Watermelon Menthol juice that I had on-hand and that was even better!! I guess i'm just not too fond of the sweet berry flavor and wanted more Watermelon hit??!!?? It's still a good juice from a great bunch at Vape Moar, thnx guys!!