Café Cream eLiquid Sampler - 18mL

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Café Cream is a Coffee Vape you'll want to start every day with (and maybe finish the day with it too!)

VG/PG Ratio: 83/17

Flavor Profile: Sweetened Coffee with a touch of Caramel

Coffee vapes are are a mess. A lot of vapers are coffee lovers, and a coffee juice that tastes like a bearable coffee is the Holy Grail. Well, our Café Cream isn't just bearable, it's downright delicious. Sorry black coffee drinkers, we've added a touch of carmel creme for a spot on Carmel Machiatto flavor you've got to vape to believe. 

Not everyone drinks their cup the same, and we get that, but even if you're not a flavored coffee drinker, you'll enjoy the dark roast flavor without the bitterness most coffee vapes struggle with. The final result is premium quality coffee eliquid. 


Tank to Drip Ratio

Café Cream if fantastic either way, but tanks win out by a fairly 40/60 ratio. Not every vaper is the same, but we love a good creamy flavor in a tank with a little bit lower temperature, and there's a reason for this. With sweeter flavors bigger clouds can sometimes be a little "sticky" for some people's tastes. Café Cream is a sweet eliquid, it's an enjoyable sweetness, but at the same time, if you're looking to drip, we'd recommend keeping it around 40-50 Watts and on temperature control devices under 450 degrees. 



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  • 2
    I like strong coffee

    Posted by Melissa D Williams on 10th Nov 2017

    I did not experience any coffee flavor at all. Thought I would let it sit a while to see if there is more flavor

  • 3
    Mother's Milk!

    Posted by That guy from electronics on 8th Sep 2017

    Yeah, I'm a coffee guy. I don't get at least 3 cups within my first 2 hours of waking up, I'm a zombie all day. You better believe this is a flavor all up in my wheelhouse.

    In the Baby Beast, From 40-50 watts, it's all creamer, sweetness and caramel that i'm adding some coffee to. So, hello Seattle coffee chain. From 55- 60, we're reversing that trend steadily. At 60, it's a full bodied coffee with a definitive touch of caramel, sweetness, and cream that spells perfect cup to me. Dark Roast fans, roll it to 65. Anything above that, and it's like trying to save a cup of police station coffee and make it somewhat palatable, instead of just nature's caffeine transmission system.

    In the TFV4, didn't get any flavor until i hit 65. Good clouds all the way through, but weak, who drinks americano coffee weak flavor. At 80, it was like drinking that Maxwell House tinned frufru water that thinks it's coffee. There's a sweetness, and a flavor, and a hint of coffee. Tasty enough, but not right. At 95 watts, it starts tasting right again, and at 100, hot strong coffee with some sweet and caramel.

    Started strong in the baby, but the flavor petered out about halfway through the tank, and I don't mean vaper's tongue. It's like someone sneaking water into your coffee while you're not looking between drinks. Maybe I got the bottom of the batch? Like it, but needs a touch more COFFEE throughout the experience. Eh, neat idea, but i'll stick to drinking my coffee.

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    Coffee Drinker's Delight

    Posted by TF Franklin on 5th Sep 2017

    We've found a coffee vape that tastes like a nice cup of joe with a touch of cream. The Cafe Cream doesn't disappoint, it's a quality coffee flavor! Plus, buying American made, and supporting American jobs while vaping quality ingredients has us sold on Vape Moar's products.

  • 4
    Taste Like The Name:

    Posted by Garry M on 7th Aug 2017

    CAFE CREAM lives up to it's name. Not as sweet as I like my juice to be, but that won't be a problem .
    GREAT JOB GUYS. Hope the flavor stays consistent when I take the plunge for a big bottle. 4.5 STARS