Cool Customer eLiquid Sampler - 18mL

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Cool, Fresh Mint and a Touch of Sweet Chocolate Make Cool Customer One, Well, Cool Customer!

VG/PG Ratio: 77/23

Flavor Profile: Mint Chocolate

Tired of mint flavored eliquids that are all menthol, not mint? Check out our Cool Customer. It's a new take on the traditional Mint Chip flavor so many people know and love. This is no subtle twist on mint, you'll know it from the minute you open the bottle, this is one minty vape. The touch of chocolate provides a great, balanced finish to each puff that will leave you with a lingering flavor of chocolate to pull you back in for that next puff. 


Tank to Drip ratio

Cool Customer is great in the tank or dripper. We don't generally recommend mint of menthol flavors for the dripper, but there are definitely some vapers out there who love the cool blast of subohm baping mint and menthol flavors, and if that's your bag, man, this is your eliquid, man! Cool Customer stays true to its flavor profile at every wattage and temperature we've vaped it at. So if you can stand the heat, pick up some Cool Customer, you'll love the switch from Menthol to Mint, especially in the dripper. 


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  • 5
    Cool Customer

    Posted by Gary Gee on 2nd Apr 2018

    Nice menthol flavor. Can vape all day, always taste fresh

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    Great Flavor

    Posted by Melissa D Williams on 10th Nov 2017

    This is super nice, like a york peppermint patty mint. I experienced dark chocolate flavor on the inhale, light mint flavor on exhale. I DO NOT Like methol flavor juice, this is a great change.

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    This is just what I wanted!

    Posted by That guy from electronics on 9th Sep 2017

    Lifelong mint chocolate guy. Seriously, this is one that makes my inner child just jump up and say "Take out a scoop. Now, hand me the carton and a spoon. Thanks!" So, yeah, heavy expectations here.

    In the Baby Beast at 50, there's a very sharp bite of mint on the inhale, and the exhale is a very smooth dark chocolate. 55 watts, the mint brightens, and there's some chocolate on the inhale too, and the exhale is pure Junior Mint. 60 watts, and tell the Girl Scouts to go packing, cos Thin Mint. 65 watts is one of those chocolate peppermint hard candies. Gonna roll this at 58 watts. Gives a taste like someone coated a Thin Mint in Junior Mints. Delicious.

    In the TFV4, hope ya like mint! From 55-70, there's mint, mint, mentholy mint, with a hint of chocolate as you go up. At 75, it's Junior mint time, with more of the chocolate showing up front with the crisp bite of mint, and a chocolaty creme de menthe on the exhale, almost like Andes mints. At 80, welcome to the comercial. You get that sharp cool sting, and exhale is wrapped in a cool dark chocolate. York peppermint patty, all the way. 85 is what i imagine a Thin Mint hot outta the oven and drizzled in melty chocolate that no one could wait for cooling down. WOW. 90 is taking that last, and distilling it into hot chocolate. 95 is a hot version of the chocolate peppermint hard candy. 100 it just wet heat with chocolate and mint. Still nice and interesting, but nothing to write home about, and 105, gassed out. If i'm gonna be executed, then mix that in with it. Very pleasant, but nothing i want anything to do with otherwise. Gonna stay at 87 watts on this tank, right in between molten thin mint and minty hot chocolate.

    Of the lot in the sampler, this is the one I was most looking forward to. The make or break flavor. It not only made it, it exceeded all expectations. And it gets better when you steep it?!? I'ma get a napkin to wipe up my drool. I'll be ordering a big bottle of this after I try the remaining 3 flavors on the menu. It'll be a while, as Autumn Spice and Tropical Torte only come in the HUGE bottles (not so subtle hint), and I ain't ordered the torte yet.

    So, consider this to be my official first BIG BOTTLE buy.
    Hey Guy from Electronics,
    Thanks for the awesome review! If you are interested in the 18mL size of Autumn Spice and Tropical Torte, we invite you to call our customer service line at 262-806-0300, and a member of our Customer Service team will be happy to put through an order with the sampler sizes.

    Thank you!

    ~VapeMoar Customer Service

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    Great Juice

    Posted by Dan on 27th Jul 2017

    Just got my first order in and COOL CUSTOMER is an awesome juice not to weak not to strong like the mint with the chocolate perfect mix running in a kangertech subtank mini with.. 5 ohm ceramic coil head..