Fru Fruity eLiquid - 120mL

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Shamelessly Love Fru Fru flavors and sweet mixes? Fru Fruity was made for you.

VG/PG Ratio: 76/24

Flavor Profile: Creamy Blended Fruits

One of the biggest problems with rich, sweet, fruity vapes is that they tend to come off "perfumey". Creating a balanced mix of fruits that lets you pull out individual fruit and flavor notes is a lofty goal, but it's one we think we've accomplished. If you're the kind of vaper who wants to vape fruity flavors all day, but are put off by overly sweet and not so fruity tasting concoctions, you'll love this liquid. We've taken a step back and developed a flavor that pays homage to the actual flavors that are in it, without heavy creamy, dairy, or cake notes to obscure the flavor you know and love. 

Tank to Drip Ratio

Fru Fruity carries amazing complexity at various temperatures. We had tons of fun trying it at a variety of wattages and temperatures and tasting notes of bananna and blueberry with slight changes in our settings. We don't recommend Fru Fruity at very high temperatures (575+°F) because the fruit flavors can tend to burn, and with too much heat most of the background flavor is lost, leaving a very thin vape with a vaguely singed fruit flavor. 



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  • 5
    Debbie Belmudez

    Posted by Debbie Belmudez on 12th Jan 2019

    its smooth and good flavor and smells good

  • 5
    Fru Fruity

    Posted by Bryan E Lilley on 5th Jan 2019

    The customer service is outstanding. I purchased a bottle of e-juice ( 120 mL !! ) and didn't like it too much. They asked me for a review and I told them that. They sent me a 120 mL Bottle of juice that I usually buy for FREE !!! As far as this flavor goes,I've been using this for 6 -8 months now and still tasting some different flavors. Not overpowering, just very subtle. Am using 0.4% nic. level in a "Profile" sqounk tank on a Vandy Vape Pulse 80w TC Mod

  • 5
    Fru Fruity

    Posted by Bryan E Lilley on 15th Dec 2018

    Absolutely my all time favorite! Just started "squonking" using a Vandy Vape Pulse 80w bf box mod. Taste is amazing Temp. set at 425 and wattage at 40w. Also using the "profile rda" . Taste is awesome and the cloud just freaks me out. When I'm outside and take a hit, The cloud almost surrounds my house. Again my go to juice. Love it

  • 5
    Fru Fruity

    Posted by Kevin Perry on 1st Nov 2018

    Great Juice I have been buying this for over a year now and I love it